Ice Age

by Charlie Nieland

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Charlie Nieland explores lush spaces with ICE AGE (2016). After years of writing dense power dream pop with Her Vanished Grace, Charlie has created an expansive set of acoustic guitar based songs with vivid ethereal coloring. Wood, starlight, heartbreak and illumination. Made with the help of talented friends from Brooklyn and NYC like Billy Loose, Susan Hwang, Marcy Hokama and Ronan Conroy, the music on ICE AGE opens a portal on vast inner worlds.


released July 19, 2016


1. Ice Age
2. All I've Ever Wanted
3. Lighthouse
4. Automatic
5. Water
6. Falling

Billy Loose: Drums
Marcy Hokama: Piano
Susan Hwang: Accordion
Ronan Conroy: Charango
Charlie Nieland: Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Basses, Synths, Drums, Vocals

Cover Art and Design by T-L Reid

Written, produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Charlie Nieland

© 2016 Athame Music



all rights reserved


Charlie Nieland Brooklyn, New York

Musician/producer Charlie Nieland creates a variety of cinematic music. Engaging the boundless creativity within his musical community, including the duo Lusterlit and the band Her Vanished Grace, he reaches for an ever widening range of songcraft and textured sound. ... more

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Track Name: Ice Age
Ice Age

Burning with desire
Your marrow
Is filled with fire

She will cry "I'm falling"
You cannot stop
You caught her

Its shadow
Over all your order
Your order
It's shallow
Blurring all you borders

"Come home"
She's calling your name
And she alone
Can melt all the ice away

Running deep below the waterline
While you sleep
It's growing what you will find
But by the shore
The waves they roar

It's narrow
Like a razor
The arrow
Showing you the way
Track Name: All I've Ever Wanted
All I've Ever Wanted

Find the key
Unlock your doors
Find the way
Surrender all that's yours

All I've ever wanted
Open right before my eyes
All I've ever wanted
Shining through this very life

In these moments
I know I'm yours
Dissolving all that comes between us
In this perfect moment
Is all there is and all that matters
Only this moment

I see myself
In you in reverse
We are blessed
As blessed as we are cursed

All I've ever wanted
Came to me this very night
All I've ever wanted
Is forever falling from the sky

In these moments
I know I'm yours
Dissolving all that comes between us
In this perfect moment
Is all there is and all that matters
Only this moment
Track Name: Lighthouse

My wound
Not mine alone
Oh no not alone

Draw the circle
It's all inside

Beneath the surface
There's nothing perfect
Beholding all that love is
It always hurts

And draw the circle
Deeper into your heart
The other side of ecstasy is
All the sorrow
It colors your dreams
I'll follow your signal
To where I'm meant to be

The longest winter
Holding on
Tears are made of crystals
We were undone

I found your lighthouse
Here in the dark
And one summer night
It cannot break your fall
So follow all your light

Silence turns into sound
And blindness sees what you've found
My wound isn't mine
My wound is not mine

And draw the circle
Deeper into truth
And why better you
Than a thousand other yous
Behold the color
The color of your dreams
I'll follow your signal
To where I'm meant to be
Track Name: Automatic

It's not your mother
And not your father
Sailing past this point in time

And can you follow
The moon glow
It's automatic in your mind

But ok all you have is gone
And shadows play upon their throne
Brave in love is sometimes true
You radiant nocturnal jewel

It's alluvial divine
Sailing past this point in time
It's automatic
the panic
It's all revealed in her eyes

But lost and hardly ever found
And cats can read the underground
Your words can't say what you've been shown
Your soul has finally found a home

The madness
The sadness
All the darkness you've been shown
Only shadows holding on

Ice that's breaking all around her
Shattering inside your frozen heart
All of your triumph and your failure
Is the sound of
The song she sang for luck right from the start

It's automatic in the blood
You feel the movement in her love
So dissolving
So live on
It's automatic in your mind
Track Name: Falling

The last time I saw you

The last time you already knew

I didn't know why you couldn't stop trying to hide

Even the time that I didn't know was goodbye

You were crying
We knew

Living for dying
you too

Falling over you